Welcome students and parents! Being a teenager and moving from the dynamics of childhood into the demands of adulthood is no small task. But rest assured: you are not alone! Here at St. Paul’s we consider it a great joy and privilege to partner with parents and young people as we pursue maturity in Christ together (Colossians 1:28).

Through regular fellowship activities and Bible studies, we encourage students during this journey in both their relationship with the Lord and their relationships with their families, friends and neighbors. It is our goal that each student who participates with the youth ministries at St. Paul’s will experience the love of God through a welcoming environment, engaging Bible study, Christian fellowship, and service opportunities.

Core Values

Youth Ministry at St. Paul’s is characterized by:

  • Biblical and Reformed teaching
  • Personal growth in Christian community
  • Participation in the mission of God’s people
  • Identity and joy in Christ

Questions & Answers

Is this a family ministry or a youth ministry?

Yes! Though our events and activities are for High School and Middle School students, we believe the most Biblical approach to youth ministry includes ministering to the whole family.

Is there youth group every Sunday night?

Our Sunday night youth group meeting occurs most Sunday nights during the school year. Occasionally, there are other evening services that we encourage our families to attend when we are not meeting.

Does the youth ministry ever go to camps or retreats?

Yes! Camps and retreats have proven to be a great way for us to encourage students to connect with one another and grow in the gospel. There are options for both middle and high school students.

What does a typical night at youth group look like?

Our Sunday night meetings run from 5:30-7:30. Our evening begins with a game or set of activities for all students before we enjoy a snack together. After this, we enter The Grove, where we meet for a time of singing praises (led by student musicians) and Bible study (led by the Youth Director). After the lesson, we frequently break into four discipleship groups: divided into boys' and girls' middle and high school groups, for a time of discussion and prayer.

What schools do the students at St. Paul’s go to?

Our students come from many different schooling options. Though our church building is located in the Edgewater School District, we also have students who attend private schools, charter schools, home schools, cyber schools and co-ops. Please reach out if you would like to know if we have any students that attend a school that your children attend.

Are there any service opportunities for teenagers?

Our church hosts community service days where we go out into the surrounding neighborhood on a Saturday morning to help many of our neighbors with projects around their yard and home before we all come together for a lunch at the church in the afternoon. Students and their families are always encouraged to join us for these and other service opportunities.

Is there a youth group Sunday School class?

We have both a Sunday School class for middle school and high school students taught by volunteer teachers in coordination with the youth director.

Is there a youth choir?

Yes! St. Paul’s has a vocal youth ensemble for middle school and high school students. This ensemble meets every Sunday afternoon (unless otherwise noted) from 12:00-12:45 pm in a class at the end of the New Testament hallway. For more information, contact our Music and Youth Ministry Assistant and Director of the ensemble, Hannah Pacchioli.

      Youth Ministry Committee

      • Staci Little
      • Jason Mages
      • Meg Mages
      • Ed McDougall
      • Joe Moon (chair)
      • Hannah Pacchioli
      • Laura Ragsdale
      • Matt Ragsdale
      • David Sutton
      • Mary Margaret Sutton

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