Justin Borger


Dan Thompson

Associate Pastor

Scott Hunt

Assistant Pastor

Zachary Cole

Assistant Pastor

Rick Madsen

Director of Ministries

Ronald Owen

Director of Music

Joe Moon

Director of Family Ministries

Phil Love

Facilities Manager

Trish Miceli


Hannah Pacchioli

Music and Youth Ministry Assistant

Lisa Rowley

Administrative Assistant

Abby Cali

Director of Children's Ministries

Haley Cali

Events Coordinator

Women in the Church


  • Deandra Auer
  • Amy Derrick
  • Sarah Fulginiti
  • Julie Gulliver
  • Nancy Kerr
  • Jandra Leonard
  • Anna Limber
  • Staci Little
  • Laura Ragsdale
  • Martie Salt
  • Abby Saunders
  • Megan Taylor

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