Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To see the invisible kingdom of heaven made visible for the glory of God and the joy of all peoples.

Our Mission:

We seek to see God’s invisible kingdom made visible as we grow in grace and give away our lives in the following seven major ministry areas:

  1. Worship that exalts God in Christ and promotes unity in the Spirit
  2. Discipleship that is rooted in the Scriptures and centered in the gospel
  3. Community that is characterized by discipleship and care for one another
  4. Local Missions that promotes the common good and evangelizes the lost
  5. Global Missions that participates in church planting and spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth
  6. Children’s Ministry that partners with parents to build children up in the faith through loving care and Reformed biblical teaching
  7. Youth Ministry that promotes maturity, joy, and identity in Christ

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